CDACLS Manipulates DACL (Discretionary Access Control List) for Directories, Files, Shares, Printers, Registries and Services with W2000 and newer OS.

SUBINACL, CACLS and XCACLS don't function properly for manipulating your Disk Access Structure. If you remove a access right with this programs, the Container looses the Auto inherit option.

CDACLS is the right tool to makes the same things as CACLS, but in a correct form and many more.

As Example, You can manipulate ACLís and ACEís only on Protected Containers or list only ace that are not inherited. Download the Tool and you see the functionality.

CDACLS is primary programmed for batch modification on a big Disk Structure. But a GUI can help you to execute CDACLS and find out the right Parameters do you need.

CDACLS function properly and donít loos the Directory Auto inherit flag, if you remove a user right.

New Build 1002 on 24.3.2004. Thanks David for the failer report.

New Build 1003 on 11.12.2004. License changes.

New Build 1004 on 06.12.2006. New Compiled and tested with Vista.

Copyright © 1999, 2002 Daniel Nast